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Crafty Friday: Knit a Katia Velour Snood

Hi Everyone!

This week’s Crafty Friday tutorial is one for all you knitters out there. Whether you’re a knitting newbie or a pro-knitter, this tutorial is really fun and easy to follow.

We love the Katia Velour yarn so much, that this year we’ve decided to restock it in the shop. We first introduced it last year and we had a wide range of plain colours which went down a storm, so this year we were really excited to hear that Katia had bought out a new range of Velour yarn, called Velour Prints. The colours are wonderful and because this yarn is so easy and simple to knit with, we think everyone should give it a go!

Katia Velour Prints and Katia Velour yarns are both available at Karen Delahunty Sewing & Knitting Centre for just £8.50 a ball. With only one ball you’ll be able to knit a really snuggly, soft snood. Each ball comes with a free pattern too. We think the Velour snoods – in plain or in prints – make the perfect handmade christmas or birthday presents. So why not give it a go?

What You’ll Need

  • 6.5mm Knitting Pins (30cm in Length)
  • 1 x Katia Velour (Prints or Plain)

How to Knit Your Katia Velour Snood

  • Start your knitting by making a slip stitch.
  • Cast on 41 stitches, remember that your slip stitch counts as one stitch.
  • *Knit one row to the end.
  • Purl the next row to the end.

Repeat pattern from * until you reach near the end of the yarn ball. Remember to leave some yarn for sewing up and casting off later.

  • Cast off your stitches, knotting the final stitch, to hold in place.
  • Using a Knitters needle or a Darning needle, sew up. Fold right sides in, from the cast-on edge to the cast-off edge, thread your needle with the remaining yarn and make a running stitch all the way along.