Cordonnet Foot Number #11


Cordonnet #11 is ideal for working with decorative stitching or top-stitching.

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Cordonnet #11 is ideally suited for top-stitching and decorative work with cordonnet thread or other thicker top-stitching threads. The 2mm deep groove under its soles allows Cordonnet foot #11 to glide smoothly even over thicker threads, as well as ensuring even fabric feed at all times. It also enables smooth, precise sewing.

Tip: When sewing with Cordonnet foot #11 use a needle with a sufficiently large eye and normal bobbin thread and adjust the thread tension where necessary.

The Cordonnet foot #11 can be used on a large number of Bernina sewing machines- from the entry level up to the Bernina series 8.

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