Schmetz Stretch and Super Stretch Needles


The SCHMETZ Super Stretch Needle is closer to the hook due to the special flat shank. The special design in the scarf area also creates a larger needle thread loop, which is more easily grabbed by the hook. These features prevent skipped stitches even with highly elastic fabrics. The reinforced blade helps to reduce needle breakage and achieves particularly straight stitches. The wider and shorter eye, combined with a wider thread groove, means that the Super Stretch Needles can be used with thicker sewing threads. This places less stress on the threads so that they no longer break.

The medium ball point is suitable for all types of knitted fabric, because it displacecs the loops, thus preventing damage to the material. Instead of nickel, the needle has a chrome plating and is more resistant to abrasion. These needles can be identified quickly and easily as special needles by the white colored ring on the shoulder of the Super Stretch Needle.

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Tips For Stretch needles:

  • The special design helps to avoid skipped stitches.
  • The shank is flatter than on other needles with the same diameter. This means that the needle is closer to the hook, which also helps to avoid skipped stitches.


Suitable fabrics

  • For elastic or highly elastic knitted fabric
  • The more elastic the material, the more suited the stretch needle is (if in doubt, use the stretch needle).
  • Swimwear fabrics
  • Fine jersey, silk jersey, single jersey, velour cloth
  • Cotton knitwear


Special features

  • Special transition from the scarf to the eye
  • Shorter eye

Point shape
Medium ball point

Color marking


Super Stretch

Tips for Super Stretch

  • The Super Stretch Needle is suitable for use with thicker threads.
  • It is also suitable for sewing lingerie or bras, as the blade reinforcement helps to prevent needle breakage.
  • The Super Stretch Needle is more hard-wearing.

Suitable fabrics

  • Highly elastic fabrics


Special features

  • Special flat shank
  • Reinforced blade
  • Wider and shorter eye
  • Wider thread groove
  • Special transition from the scarf to the eye

Point shape
Medium ball point

Pack of 5 needles.

Additional information

Needle size

Mixed 75×2 90×3, Stretch75/11, Stretch90/14