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92% Viscose, 8% elastane Sustainable fabric.

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Information about our sustainable fabrics:

LENZING viscose fibres and LENZING modal fibres are produced from dissolving wood plup in a responsibly managed multi-stage process using sustainable wood.

THE PULP has to be converted and matured, then further complicated chemical processing steps follow. Finally a honey like mass is formed which is pressed through micro-fine nozzles and the fibres are spun. They are subsequently treated several times and washed , stretched. cut and dried.

LENZING Modal fibres are manufactured in a modified viscose process. This enables us to achieve special properties. For example, LENZING Modal fibres are more easily washable thanks to the higher fibre strength. For this reason, our LENZING Modal fibres can also be produced razor- thin as microfibres so that they can be processed into extremely fine yarns for high quality lingerie. They are pleasantly soft to the skin despite their firmness.

To ensure better processing, all LENZING fibres are equipped with a finishing agent made of a soap like substance.

High recovery rates 

A special characteristic of the viscose and modal process developed by Lenzing are the high recovery rates of chemicals. The wastewater and air emissions have already been significantly reduced and are to be further reduced.
In addition, a co-product, sodium sulphate, is generated in the fibre production. This valuable chemical is used in he detergent, glass and food industries.

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