Babylock Desire 3


The compact all-rounder

The desire3 is a combined overlock and coverstitch machine. She comes, of course, with the unique jet-air threading system and automatic thread delivery system. Are you the practical type? If so, the baby lock desire3 will satisfy your every wish. Overlock, coverlock or chain stitch practically combined in one machine. This 5-thread machine can be easily threaded or converted for the desired operation. You can thread the loopers in any order thanks to separate threading paths. No need to follow any threading points and there are no loose threads that may get tangled up. Everything is in its place.

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The New Baby Lock Desire 3 overlocker and coverlock is a beautifully engineered 5 thread overlocker with a built-in cover stitch. The Desire 3 will cope admirably with all weights of fabric from lightweights, jerseys and multiple layers, etc, in the same professional manner as other Baby Lock Jet Air machines plus it also comes with many of the convenient time-saving features. Apart from the ingenious blast of air to thread the loopers, the automatic thread delivery management supply system means that you don’t have to worry about the tensions, no matter what fabric or thread combination.

Change from overlock to coverstitch at the turn of a dial. A fully adjustable differential feed from 0.6 – 2.0:1 will help prevent unwanted lettuce leaf effects and puckering. The Baby Lock Desire 3 overlocker is another example of Baby Lock’s refined engineering with user-friendly controls and features to suit the professional and the novice alike.

And with JET AIR threading, which eliminates the difficulties with threading an overlock. The problems found with thread tension, the complications with changing stitch length and width, the headaches with heavy, bulky or sheer fabrics, and the wavy seams, the puckering, the stretching. One-touch of a lever and the thread is jet-aired through the tubular loopers. The Baby Lock Desire handles specialty and decorative threads as easily as standard cone threads, which means you can effortlessly embellish your creation with the fanciest and finest threads.  The patented tubular looper system protects and controls each thread as it travels through the machine. And, best of all, the Baby Lock Imagine eliminates threading confusion because it threads in any order.

Stitch Length/Rolled Hem Dial A single dial delivers automatically rolled hems, rolled edges and stitch length adjustments. A turn of this dial switches the Desire from three thread stitching to a narrow rolled hem. Long and short stitch lengths can be dialed without stopping the machine for any stitch, 4-,3-,2- thread, flatlock or rolled hem. Customize the stitch length to fit every sewing project, from overedging to seaming as well as decorative overlocking.

Differential Feed Adjustment Complete fabric manipulation is possible on the Desire because of Baby Lock’s full-featured differential feed. The feed system works with all fabrics and in multiple sewing applications. It prevents seams from waving, fabrics from stretching and wovens from puckering. Yet, it delivers a true 2 to 1 ratio for gathering.

Heavy Duty Cutting System No matter what the fabric weight, the blades cut through it like butter. A twist of a dial engages and disengages the blade. Lock the blade and it becomes a sewing guide. Unlock it and it trims the fabrics as you sew.