Mini Me Pattern Book


The Rico Design Mini Me Crochet Book is a delightful collection designed for crochet enthusiasts, featuring a vibrant assortment of miniature creations. Within its pages, this book unfolds a world of intricate patterns and step-by-step instructions for crafting adorable miniature items.

Whether from the savannah, from the farm, from the water or the rainforest – the animals, large and small, come from all parts of the world. Together they form an inseparable community: the monkey mom and her son Max, mole grandma and her granddaughter Marla, dad lion and his son Linus, sloth mom and her daughter Samy, mom pig and her son Pepe and also otter Omar and his dad . 

Works with Rico latest yarn ricorumi Nilli Nilli which came be purchased online or in our Kenilworth shop.

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Each pattern is thoughtfully presented with clear, concise instructions, accompanied by colorful illustrations and diagrams that guide crafters through the process. The book often includes helpful tips, such as recommended yarn types and hook sizes, making it accessible for crafters of varying skill levels.