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Fabric of The Week: Nordic/Scandi Red Cotton

You may have seen this gorgeous fabric featured in the latest issue of Sew Magazine as part of the Home Trends Section. We love this fabric and think it would be perfect for Christmas craft projects or handmade gifts as well as fun textile prints or even homewares; being 100% Cotton, means this fabric really lends itself to a number of different options and creations.

We think this fabric looks great on its own or combined with other contrasting materials. We made a lovely 3D Christmas Tree hanging ornament using this print and our bottle green with red and gold starts material. We could also see this as a really festive stocking to be hung over the fireplace come Christmas Eve!

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Fabric of The Week: Bronze Sequin Polyester Stretch

This fabric is perfect for dressmaking as well as craft use. You can create a really dazzling outfit for the festive season with this fabric, or you could use it for children’s costumes for school events.

For one week only you can get this super glitzy fabric for under £10.00 a metre.
This fabric, has a one-way stretch and is made of 100% polyester, the drape is perfect for making dresses or jumpsuits to dazzle!

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Fabric of The Week: Disney Frozen Olaf

With this fab Fully Licensed Disney Print, you can sew lots of Frozen themed treats for your little ones this Christmas. The print features a bright blue background and pictures of Olaf with the words “Chillin’ in the Sunshine.”

Olaf 100% Cotton Print


3.75m in stock

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This fabric is perfect for craft projects or even homeware projects such as cushions and blankets.

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Fabric of The Week: Monochrome Polkadot Print

100% Polyester, 150cm (60″) Wide, Black and White Polkadot print. This fabric is perfect for dressmaking, the drape to it, makes it very versatile and means it can be used for almost any sewing pattern.

This fabric is perfect for dressmaking. The drape means that it will hang perfectly whatever the style of pattern you choose to sew. It is easy to work with and the print is timelessly classic, so you’ll never be out of style wearing it. Karen loves the versatility of this fabric and how you can completely alter the look of it to suit your style.

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Fabric of The Week: Soft Baby Flannelette

For this week only, you can get this really cute, super soft flannelette in baby pink with beautiful pastel coloured elephants over it.

This fabric is perfect for making clothing or textiles for small children or babies. You could turn it in to a decorative piece in a nursery or bedroom, or sew a pretty little dress that your child will love! We loved how easy this material was to sew with. Check out our Crafty Friday from last week, where you’ll see that we turned this beautiful fabric in to a really sweet minky blanket.

You could also use this fabric for craft projects, the elephants featured on this material would make beautiful appliques on cushions or bags or even canvases.