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Crafty Friday: Buttons The Sew Saturday Cat

We’re Sew excited for Sew Saturday, happening on 15th October, that we wanted to share with you a tutorial for how to make your own felt kitty pincushion, Buttons, the Sew Saturday mascot!

Buttons, the Sew Saturday Mascot

If you’re not sure about what Sew Saturday is, or want to know more about what we’re doing, check out our latest vlog on YouTube!

What You’ll Need…

  • One Felt Square (Two, if you would like the ears and tail to be contrasting to the main body.)
  • Printed Fabric 5cm x 6cm
  • 20cm of Ric-Rac
  • Toy Stuffing
  • Coordinating Sewing Thread
  • Air-Erasable or Washable Marker Pen (We used a Sewline Fabric Marker)



How to Make Your Kitten Pincushion

Print the Cat Pin Cushion Cutout pattern using the link below and cut out.

Place the pattern on your square of felt and cut out. If you have chosen to contract the ears and tail, you’ll need to cut them out in the contrast felt.

Make sure you cut 2 of the main body, 2 of the ears and one of the tail.

Stitch the two body pieces together, either by hand or sewing machine, using a 1.5 cm seam allowance. Trim this seam allowance back to 3mm.

Cut a slit in the front body of the cat – as seen on the pattern piece. Turn your cat inside out and stuff firmly with toy stuffing. We used a polyester toy stuffing.

Once stuffed sew up the slit in the front of the cat. Using the tummy piece from the pattern, cut out in fabric. We used a lovely polka dot jersey material for our cats tummy. Once cut out, tack in place, making sure to cover the stitched gap, where you stuffed the cat.

Sew your ric rac over the edge of the tummy, using a matching thread so the stitches can’t be seen. You can hide the join at the top of the ric rac with embellishments like bows or bells, or you could leave as it is as we have done.

Embroider a cute nose, and mouth by hand and sew two buttons in place to create the eyes, we used general fish-eye buttons as we thought they looked very cat-like.

Hand sew on the ears and tail, using small stitches and angling your needle, so to hide the sewing in the seam of the body. Add some decorative pins in place as whiskers.

And there you go, your very our Sew Saturday mascot cat, buttons!

Thank you to Sew Magazine for the pattern to make buttons the cat.

Remember, if you spend over £30 on Sew Saturday at Karen Delahunty Sewing & Knitting Centre, you’ll get your very own, free pattern and complete kit for making Buttons the cat, along with lots of other exciting goodies!