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Sewing Week 2019

After 4 years of successful Sew Saturday’s, Sew mag have announced that they are expanding the annual event into a 6 day celebration, Sewing Week!
Sewing Week will run from 30th September -5th October 2019. We will be joining the celebrations across the full 6 days. 

What you can expect from us:

Motivational Monday 30th September:
ONLY 1 Space Left!
Join us for an extra special beginners free motion sewing class with tutor Karen from 9:30am-2:30pm -limited spaces are available and each attendee will receive a Free goodie bag that is is completely themed around free motion. 
You can book a place by phone, pop in-store or book via our website. Our shop will be open to attendees of this class only on motivational Monday. so you will also be able to browse all our lovely products at your own leisure and chat with Owner Karen over a cuppa with no interruptions.

Pattern Tuesday 1st October: 
Our Shop will be open as normal 9:30am-5pm. 

We will be running a special Pattern promotion:

-40% OFF Simplicity patterns (Offer ends 20th October 2019)

-50% OFF Vogue Patterns (Offer ends 20th October 2019)
– Purchase a minimum of a metre of fabric in-store and receive 50% off one pattern from the following sewing brands: McCalls, Burda, Butterick, Sew over it or New Look. (Purchases of fabric/s and one 1/2 price pattern offer must be completed in one transaction. Offer available on any of our patterns that are currently in stock on Tuesday 1st October 2019. Limit 1 per customer.)

-10% OFF ANY Bernina sewing machine accessories

-10% OFF ANY Janome Sewing machine accessories


             – Pop by and collect your Free Keep Calm & Carry On Stitching poster.

Workshop Wednesday 2nd October:
20% Off any of our available classes, courses or workshops booked in-store, online or by phone on Workshop Wednesday 2nd October 2019.

Discount Thursday 3rd October:
Shop will be open 9:30-5pm
-10% OFF any Bernina sewing machine accessories
-10% OFF any Janome sewing machine accessories
-Purchase a Bernina 335 or 325 on this date and receive a free carry bag for your new machine.
– Purchase a Pfaff 260c sewing machine on this date and receive a FREE extension table, 18 assorted madeira threads and a pair of gold plated embroidery scissors.
– Elna 580sewing machine instore offer only-
Fantastic offer available on limited stocks of this machine. For more information about the in-store offer please Call Karen on: 01926 859 892….ONLY 4 Machines left!
-Purchase an Elna 820 embroidery only machine for a special price of £789.00 normally £999.00 available while stocks last. Offer also includes Free junior digitizing package Version 5 and also 500 extra designs worth £199.00
– Purchase a Babylock Enspire Overlocker for £799.00 normally £899.00. Offer available until 31st Dec 2019.

Fat Quarter Friday 4th October:
Our Shop will be open 9:30am-5pm
We will be running a quilting themed promotion for Fat quarter Friday, here are some of the offers we currently have in place:
-Purchase 5 Fat quarters for £9.50 (normally £12.50) limited stocks, available in-store only
-Purchase 1 Fat quarter for £1.99 (normally £2.50) limited stocks, available in-store only 
-25% Off all available waddings per metre. Available in-store and online.
-15% Off any of the following quilting accessory feet for your sewing machine: 
1/4″ foot, Walking Foot and Free motion foot.
Available across the following brands: Bernina, Elna, Janome, Pfaff, Silver, Babylock & Bernette includes any orders place Friday 4th October- Saturday 6th October 2019 for any of the above 3 accessory feet. Available in-store and online.

-10% OFF any Bernina sewing machine accessories



-10% OFF any Janome sewing machine accessories

Sew Saturday 5th October:
Shop will be open 10am-5pm
– 25% off all fabrics. Available in-store and online 
-20% off all our yarns. Available in-store only and offer only applies to available stock on the day.   

-First 10 purchases made on the day will receive a free goodie bag.

– The following 15 customers after that will receive a voucher to use in-store before the end of 2019

-10% OFF any Bernina sewing machine accessories

-10% OFF any Janome sewing machine accessories

– Free Cake to celebrate the final day of sewing week.
– Collect your free Llama mascot pattern.

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New Pfaff Stockist

We are pleased to announce that as of June 2019 we are official Pfaff sewing machine and accessory stockists. We also provide servicing of any Pfaff machine new or old. We currently have the Pfaff ‘Smarter 260c’ in-store to view and be demonstrated. By the end of July 2019 our Pfaff ‘Passport 2.0’ demonstration machine will be arriving in-store also.  

As we are new stockist for Pfaff we have a fantastic offer running on their ‘Stitch In Ditch’ foot with 20% off until 30th June 2019. Anyone interested in purchasing the Pfaff Passport 2.0 should contact Karen to be eligible for a special offer before 30th July 2019. 

We look forward to working with Pfaff and expanding our sewing machine range in-store and online. To purchase any Pfaff machine or accessory you can:
visit our shop: 80 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1HL
contact Karen: 01926 859 892
or visit our online shop.

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Crafty Valentines Heart Card

This week Sarah has been getting in the crafty spirit by creating a lovely heart card. This special hand made card would make the perfect gift for loved one for Valentines Day. 

Equipment you will need:

  • A piece of card or paper (we used A5 cream craft paper)
  • 1 skein of hand embroidery thread 
  • A pair of scissors
  • A pencil
  • A sharp thick needle (we used a large sharp tapestry needle) 
  • A blunt thick needle ( we used a large knitters needle)
  • Optional: thimble and heart cookie cutter
    Most of the above equipment can be purchased at Karen Delahunty Sewing & Knitting Centre. 

Lets Get Started...

Step 1: Fold your piece of paper or card in half.
Step 2: Using a cookie cutter or free-hand draw a heart shape in the middle of the folded card.
Step 3: Using a pair of scissors cut out the heart shape out. You should end up with something like this >>

Step 4: With a sharp needle create a perforated outer edge just outside of the heart outline. You should end up with the card looking like this>>>

Tip: If using card you may wish to use a thimble for this part.

Step 5: Using a blunt needle; thread the needle with your hand embroidery thread and make a knot at the end. 

Tip: If you don’t have a blunt needle you can continue with the sharp needle you were using before just be mindful not to catch yourself on it.

Step 6: Pick any hole to start with. Using your needle and thread sew through a hole from back to front. This means all the knots and sewing up at the end will be on the inside of the card and not on display. 

Step 7: Once you have sewn your thread through the first hole aim to sew through the most opposite hole to the first one you have chosen. Continue to work your way around the heart going from opposite hole to opposite. You should start to get something looking like this >>>

Tip: There is no correct way of sewing the heart. The aim is to have the thread cross at different points. In the image opposite most of my threads are going diagonally – but you can do it however you like, sew horizontal or totally random the decision is yours.

As you work your way around sewing all the holes you should start to get something similar to the image opposite>
You can sew through the holes you create more than once if you desire to give a more opaque look or just sew through them the once for a more see through weave. 

Step 8: Once you are happy with how your heart looks and have finished sewing make sure you end with the needle on the inside of the your card. Make a secure knot and cut off any loose ends.

Step 9: This step is optional. If you wish you can join up the outer edge by sewing the dots together.

Step 10: All that’s left to do is write a personal message to a loved one inside your card and deliver it to that special person in your life. 

Please send us a picture of your crafty heart cards you have made!
Facebook: @KarenDelahuntySewingandKnittingCentre
Instagram: @karen_delahunty
Twitter:  @Karendelahunty


Enjoy creating your own cards, Happy Valentines <3

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Celebrate our 5th Birthday!

Our Shop is turning 5 years old!
From the 6th November – 10th November we would like to celebrate with you for 5 days of fabulous offers in-store and online.

Instore Offers Only:

Karen will have 5 of her favorite fabrics at a special discount of 20% for the 5 days, just pop by our shop window to see whats on offer.

Any customer that purchases 3 or more sewing patterns from us during the 5 day event will be able to select a fourth sewing pattern FREE of charge from Karen’s handpicked selection.

Online & Instore Offers:

Selected sewing machines will be on special offer for the 5 days and any sewing machine purchased from us during this time will come with 3 FREE threads, a set of pins, a chalk marker, a tape measure and quick unpick courtesy of Karen Delahunty Ltd.

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The New Bernina 4 Series (Autumn 2018)

Bernina have launched their new 4 series sewing machines for Autumn 2018. The B480, B475QE and B435 are the three new machines which offer more power, speed and perfection.

Your creativity, your decisions: The B480, B75QE and B435 let you make all the creative decisions. Like choosing the stitch length and width or deciding the needle position. If you want the needle to be down when it stops, you can. All of this is conveniently located at your fingertips on the large, intuitive touch screen.

The 4 series machines have a bigger bobbin that holds up to 70% more thread than standard bobbins, which means fewer stops and starts. The bobbin is located conveniently at the front of the machine so there is no need to remove your project.

Accessories: A variety of Bernina presser feet or soles come standard on the 4 series machines, making it easy to do what you want to do. To keep them handy an accessory case is included. The B480 model comes with a magnetic see-through accessory box. Feet aren’t the only accessory included. There is a slide-on free-arm table that adds spacious support around the needle 4 bobbins and a dust cover complete the smart accessory package.

Stitches and letters: When you want more options a series 4 machine is for you. These machines offer over 150 to 250 decorative stitches and up to 5 alphabets and the B475QE is full of special quilting stitches.

Tension: Every aspect of the stitch, both seen and unseen, is perfected with optimal thread tensioning of the 4 series machine. Achieve permanent control of thread tension once it’s adapted to the thread and fabric. Even when sewing, the thread tension adjusts automatically. And the innovative Bernina hook keeps every stitch consistent and precise.

To order your Bernina 4 series machine today: Telephone: 01926 859 892 Order in store at: 80 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1HL Purchase online: Here Or click one of the shop buttons below to find out more details and purchase your favorite 4 series.