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Our New Merry & Bright Advent Calendar

This week Holly has been busy making one of our Christmas advent calendars with our brand New Merry & Bright fabric. These are perfect addition to your Christmas decorations for years to come for all the family to enjoy. Fill the festive pockets with little treats leading up till Christmas.

The advent is 100% cotton, Width approx 110cm and Machine wash at 30 degrees.​

​You can buy it on our online below, or in store at 80 Warwick Road, Kenilworth, CV8 1HL. We also stock the wadding and lining needed for this advent calendar in the shop.

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New Classes, Courses & Workshops 2017/2018

Our latest brand   New Class Programme for summer is now available to download or collect from our shop.

All of our latest sewing classes are now available to book.

to secure your place , You can book on line, at Telephone 01926 859892 or visit our store
at: 80 Warwick Road, Kenilworth,CV8 1HL 

Download our latest class programme.


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Woven Friendship Bracelets

This month we have been busy making some hand woven bracelets. These are perfect for a thoughtful gift for your closest of friends or family.

Alternatively you could make yourself a nice new accessory to wear with your own personal touch.

These are very cheap to make however take a bit of time but once you get the hang of it, you soon start seeing the bracelet come together.

What you need

  • 3 different coloured Cotton embroidery threads
  • A strip of Sellotape
  • A pair of Scissors

Before you start you will need to cut two strands of each colour thread at 25 inches/64cm long. (e.g 2 strands both measuring at 25”,(65cm) of red cotton thread, 2 strand at 25″(65cm) of blue cotton and another 2 strands of green cotton thread the same length at 25″(65cm).

For the demonstration I have used Red, blue and green tapestry wool, as it is a little bit bigger so easy to understand.

Arrange the threads as alternate colours. For example start with Red, Green, Blue then mirror it back, Blue, Green, Red. Like pictured below.

Place a strip of sellotape across the threads onto a hard surface. Make sure you leave at least 8cm above the sellotape at the top, to allow for tying your bracelet together at the end

​Follow the video below for the steps of making this bracelet.

If you have any questions about making the bracelets you can pop into the shop at 80 Warwick Road, CV8 1HL- Tel: 01926 859892 and we’d be happy to help you.

Our opening hours are

Monday: Closed, Tuesday - Friday: 9:30 AM — 5:00 PM, Saturday: 10:00 AM — 5:00 PM, Sunday: Closed, 23 Dec - 1 Jan: Closed

All the supplies used to make these woven bracelets are available to buy at Karen Delahunty Sewing & Knitting Centre.

Hope you all enjoyed this and have fun creating these lovely hand made bracelets for your friends and family.

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How to do a Tailor Tack

Tailor Tacks are loose, looped, hand sewn stitches that are common in most sewing patterns. They are used for marking specific points on your fabric.
For example you will see markings on dress making patterns to indicate where your darts are to be sewn or where the pockets should be placed on a garment.
These markings must be transferred from the pattern to the fabric. Its a way of thread marking through the pattern pieces and the fabric all in one go to achieve accuracy. This is especially needed to ensure that your darts are positioned symmetrically on both sides of your garment.

So here is a step by step tutorial on how to sew a Tailor Tack.

You will need a hand sewing needle and a thread of a contrasting colour to your fabric.

Keep the paper pattern piece attached to your fabric pieces that you have cut out.
You will be sewing the tailor tack through all layers. (The pattern paper is still attached).
The pattern will indicate where a tailor tack is needed by circles that look like these in the photo. Each circle is numbered. That number represents a garment size. You will sew through one of these circles. Choose the one that matches the pattern size you have cut out.

Thread a needle with a strand of thread make it double thread. Make sure its a contrasting colour to your fabric so it creates a clear, obvious marking. (Don’t worry you will take these out eventually, so you won’t see it.) Do not knot the end. Start by making a small simple single stitch. Using the circle on the pattern as a guide, push your needle through the circle and into the fabric. Push it to the underneath, then bring it back up again to complete the stitch, as shown in the picture below.

Pull the needle and thread through to leave a reasonable thread tail.
Go back into the same hole/ area and take the needle and thread down and through to the underside of fabric ,making sure to leave a loose loop of thread showing on the top surface.

From the underside bring the needle and thread back up and though the hole/area again. Gently pull the needle through the fabric to bring the thread to the top surface. Make sure you leave a loose loop on the underside of the fabric.
Cut the thread from the needle, but be sure to leave a little tail of thread first.

Carefully remove the paper pattern, taking care to ease the tailor tack threads off the tissue paper so it doesn’t tear the pattern too much.
The tailor tacks will still be attached to the two layers of fabric.
Gently pull the 2 layers of fabric apart until you get to the tailor tacks. Continue to pull the fabric apart so you can see the threads. Snip through the middle of these threads. The tailor tack is now cut into two halves.

Make sure you leave enough thread on both the top and underneath side of the fabric when you cut through the tailor tack. You will have loops of thread on one side of the fabric and cut ends on the other.
You should now be left with 2 thread marks that are in exactly the same symmetrically placed, on the both the left, and right hand, side of the fabric.

And that’s it!
You now have Tiny little thread markings on both sides of the fabric.
Along with your pattern instructions, you can use these markings to create things like darts, align pockets. mark out your buttonhole placements etc. When you no longer need them, you just simply pull them out. They’re very loose threads so it’s easy to do.
Tailor Tacks are a very simple, usefulness and well known technique, that will improve your sewing significantly.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy ‘Tailoring’

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Join us for Sew Saturday on 21st October 2017

​Come and join in the fun on Sew Saturday 21st October 2017 & celebrate your local independent sewing shop.

We will be open from 10am-5pm on the day.

There will be lots going on… we will be running mini taster sewing session throughout the day, we’ll have goody bags for anyone who spends £30.00 & over. I must admit these  bags are limited so you might want to get in early.

There will be free cake in the shop to celebrate so pop in and say Hi to our girls and have a bite to eat, even if you’re not buying anything!

There will be some special offers on our fabrics and wool for that day only and we will tell you more about that nearer the time.

As for the mini taster sewing workshops they are available to book as of now. Last years workshops were extremely popular, SEW lets tell you about our workshops & how to book:

There are morning sessions where you can pay £5.00 per person & learn how to make a zipped pouch bag and enjoy a slice of cake with a cup of tea or coffee. All equipment and material are included. These session last for 45minutes.

These session will be running on the following times:

10am-10:45 – 4 spaces currently available and open to all abilities.
11am- 11:45am – 4 spaces currently available
12noon-12:45pm – 4 spaces currently available

In the afternoon we will be running learn to make mini bunting workshops.

These sessions will also last for 45 minutes, you will make a 1metre of mini bunting with approx 6/7 flags to take away with you. Enjoy a slice of cake and a cuppa while you sew. All equipment and materials are provided just bring yourself and maybe a friend along and enjoy so sewing fun.

The afternoon sessions will run from:

2pm – 2:45pm – 2 spaces currently available
3pm – 3:45pm – 4 spaces available

All of our taster sewing session will need to be booked in advance. If you would like to join us you can book your place by calling 01926 859 892.
Alternatively you can pop into our shop on 80 Warwick Road, Kenilworth and book your place there.

We will keep adding more update information about this event to our facebook events page and we will post here as we get nearer the time.

We look forward to seeing you all and hope that many of you can stop by celebrate Sew Saturday with us.


Karen & Team.